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Peter Vlasov

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In 1919 Fraser created a medal memorializing the Peace of Versailles (fig. 6). On the obverse, a warrior goddess strides toward us wearing a radiant crown and breast plates. She carries a shield and points her sword down, as a sign that the fighting has been completed. The figure is vertically-centered, the out-stretched wings offer horizontal opposition. The background is plain and smooth. On the reverse the fasce surmounted by the blade of a double-headed battleaxe is seen against the U.S. Shield. At the top edge of the round the inscription reads THE GREAT WAR FOR CIVILIZATION. At the bottom, six five-pointed stars are well-spaced. The participating countries are named and placed on either side of the shield. On the left they are France, Italy, Serbia, Japan , Montenegro, Russia, and 6

Mount Blade With Fire And Sword 1138 Serial Key




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