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zarin taslima
Jul 07, 2022
In Medical Forum
The prevalence of digital streaming has indeed greatly affected the record industry. The biggest impact is that buying physical records is no longer the only option for obtaining music works, resulting in a decline in physical record sales. However, the proprietress of Lehong Second-hand Record Shop (hereinafter referred to as Lehong) pointed out that compared with brand-new records, second-hand records have more different consumer profiles and are better able to cope with such shocks. The regular consumers of second-hand record stores come from customers who particularly love a certain genre of music. "There is a customer who is very fond of dance music. As soon as the store enters the dance music album, he will be notified, and he will come over as quickly as possible. Every time he will embrace the new dance music banner design in his arms, his face will be satisfied and intoxicated. Smile." said the lady boss Le Hong. 1 photo credit: Kaohsiung Pop Music Center More regular consumers enjoy "going to the record store". The biggest difference between second-hand record stores and brand-new record stores is that they can be purchased after listening, so many music fans come to buy second-hand records to give themselves an afternoon to enjoy music. Take a look at the introduction of the record, and then listen to it. If you hear a piece that fits perfectly at this time, you will be as happy as you have found a treasure. The owners of the four second-hand record stores are all experienced music fans, and there are not a few customers who come to consume because of their rich listening knowledge. For example, the boss of southern rock music has a lot of music-related knowledge because he has studied rock music for a long time. There are also many music fans who specially ask him to recommend CDs before buying them. 2 photo credit: Kaohsiung Pop Music Center The above-mentioned groups will not disappear due to the popularity of streaming listening habits, and the business of second-hand record stores will also be stable.
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zarin taslima

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