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Robert Mitchell

Travian Speed Server 'LINK'

You can hold pompous celebrations in the town hall. Such a celebration increases your culture points. Building up your town hall to a higher level will decrease the length of the celebration. Culture points are necessary to found or conquer new villages. Each building produces culture points, the higher its level the more it produces. With celebrations you can increase this production for a short while. The celebrations give the culture points directly after you initiated a celebration. After a celebration, there is a cool-down time (see table below). Furthermore a small celebration grants the culture points production of the village where the Town Hall is located up to a maximum of 500 on 1x and 2x speed servers and 250 on 3x speed servers, and a great celebration grants the account-production of culture points up to 2000 on 1x and 2x speed servers and 1000 on 3x speed servers.The small celebration grants only culture points but the great celebration even affects the effectiveness of senators, chiefs and chieftains. The great celebration increases the lowering of the target village's loyalty by up to 5% per chief/chieftain/senator. The same happens the other way around when the attacked village holds a great celebration.

Travian Speed Server

The level dependent attributes (such as construction costs and generated culture points) can be found here.For the full table of construction times click this link for server with 1x speed, this link for server with 2x speed and this link for server with 3x speed.

The formula for speed server is: cool-down time = cool-down time on 1x speed server / ( RoundDown (speed / 3) +1 ) Example: The cool-down time on a 1x speed server for a small celebration on a level 1 Town Hall is 24 hours. The cool-down time on a 3x speed server is 12 hours therefore: 24 / ( RoundDown (3 / 3) +1 ) = 24 / (1 + 1) = 24 / 2 = 12

I am wondering why Travian does not make a higher speed server than 3x. I know that many of you will say the server won't be optimal and playable.. but many of you stay active all the time play 24/7 while you are playing another game. but if Travian wanted they could make a server playable 24/7 where the player could do something while playing keep attacking and farming getting bigger and bigger. What they should is to make those servers for max 2 days duration even take money for joining those servers so they could keep the server optimal and stable with no lag and so on.

What they could do to make those servers is to make them like the tribal wars server speed where they make the resources production every minute instead of the hour that way a 3x server will be fun and playable 24/7. All they need is to increase the speed to like 20x or 50x I don't know but by testing it and get the feedback they would get a more fun game and with a lot of players and make a profit with it I think its only a suggestion. but have Travian ever thought about it?

You haven't experienced true power until you build something so monumental, the whole world pauses to pay it tribute. Erect a Wonder of the World together with your alliance and the server is yours. The largest wars will be fought, the strongest confederacies will struggle and in the end it might be down to one single deciding move. In this moment of truth, friends become bitter enemies and old rivals form desperate alliances. It's time for heroes to become legends. Are you ready?

SpearmanPrerequisites: Academy level 1BEST anti cavalry troop around. It is the only Teuton troops that should be used for defenses. It is pointless to build this until mid-late game so do NOT bother building it until mid server. Phalanx and Prae own early game.

What is countering you? It means we send an attack AFTER the enemy attack hit us and we will time our attack to make it such that our attack will reach seconds ( The closer it is , the better it is ) after the enemy army return from attacking us. This will take some experiences to be able to calculate the time. I am assuming that we are all Teuton players so let me tell you how to estimate. This will ONLY work in short distance battles, especially useful when the server just started. It is stupid to use this tactic for a long distance fight when the enemy can easily just get 10000000000 defenses to defend against your attack.

Before the new server 5 started, some of us agreed to set up as spies. It is very difficult to detect a spy if they have been planted from the beginning of the server, that was my chosen role this time.

Anyway, about 1 week before the server ended, I asked for an invite to (Rev), Tyger had a spy in (Rev) and saw that an invite had been extended to me, revealed this to Tyger leadership and I was kicked.

Neo helped lead U-EnD to one of the most dominating victories in the history of Travian, in which their alliance held 10 World Wonders at the start of the endgame, and all 13 by the time it was over. Neo also held a World Wonder village and was ranked as the #4 defender on the server.

This will be the first Hall of Champions page to have the start date, end date, and running time of the server listed in it. I think that information is something a lot of curios Travian fans will like to know for each finished server, so they can compare which servers ended fast and which ones dragged on into an epic war.

Additionally, selected countries will enter an adrenaline rushwith the new "fast & glorious" servers. The probably largestarmies ever built will make previous Travian battles seem likesmall skirmishes, thanks to the strongly increased production ofresources on these servers.

Fast & glorious speed servers will launch until 06 December2010 in the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, CzechRepublic, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Iran,Mexico, Turkey, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia,Spain and USA

The portfolio of various genres is translated into up to 42different languages, enabling the games to be used aroundthe world by fans who appreciate lasting gaming entertainment.Further information about Travian Games GmbH is available at


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