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Mac Os X 106 Snow Leopard Serial Number

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Mac Os X 106 Snow Leopard Serial Number

10.6 retail is available from the Apple Store on -os-x-106-snow-leopard (the /us/ in the link may be changed for the standard two letter country code matching the store link). Note: Macs newer than April 1, 2010 but older than July 20, 2011 must use the original 10.6 installer disc that shipped with them to boot 10.6 from CD. AppleCare may have those discs if you lost or misplaced it. To determine the age of a Mac, plug it in the support status search engine, and use the serial number lookup. Using the model name, find the release date of that model on Wikipedia or, and the followup date.

As with most upgrades of Mac OS X, new wallpapers are available. There are new wallpapers in the Nature (two of which are of snow leopards), Plants and Black and White sub-folders under the Apple folder. Furthermore, there are new Apple wallpaper sub-folders with multiple wallpapers:

I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum

Mac OS X 10.2 "Jaguar": For the first time, Mac OS X comes in two flavours, regular and Server editions. Jaguar 10.2 Server costs more, and uses a serial-number, but with general-user apps replaced with administrator-level server toys, it is a single CD of 635MB. The regular, or 'Client' OS installer now comes on two CDs but most of the second is fonts & printer drivers that you can choose not to install. There's a third CD in the retail package, "Apple Developer Tools" which has another 338MB of stuff on it. Without the Dev Tools, Jaguar Retail is 648 MB + 341 MB = 989 MB.

We can email a fresh copy of your license key (A.K.A. registration code, registration serial number). Be sure your spam filters will accept emails from If you registered from an address you no longer use, fill out this form instead.

Your serial number is printed on the inside front cover of your CD case. If you cannot find your serial number, send your purchase information and approximate purchase date to A customer service agent will look up the purchase history and email you your number or a replacement number.

This is an error in the installer. What it actually needs is your serial number, which is located on the inside front cover of the CD case. Type in the serial number carefully and be sure to capitalize any letters and include any dashes. 1e1e36bf2d


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