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Bulletin Boards Pictures For High School Students

Love them or hate them, bulletin boards are standard classroom decor. Make yours more interesting and engaging by trying some of these interactive bulletin boards. Students can contribute, learn, de-stress, and more. Plus, lots of these boards are easier to create than you might expect. Take a look and find something new to add to your walls!

bulletin boards pictures for high school students

Jill Staake is a Contributing Editor with WeAreTeachers. She has a degree in Secondary English Education and has taught in middle and high school classrooms. She's also done training and curriculum design for a financial institution and been a science museum educator. She currently lives in Tampa, Florida where she often works on her back porch while taking frequent breaks for bird-watching and gardening.

Decorating for middle and high school students can be tricky. You need to strike a balance between something that is visually appealing and engaging, but also relates to or enhances your English curriculum content. Below is a list of my absolute favorite bulletin board ideas for ELA teachers.

Everyone loves a good pun, especially from the nerdy English teacher. Yes, your students will sigh, call you a cheesy dork, and roll their eyes when they see your Joke Of The Day bulletin board, but I can guarantee that they will also tell that joke to their friends or family later that day.

Dedicate a bulletin board in your classroom to introducing a new literary term to your students each week. I usually introduce a new term on Monday and put up the word on the bulletin board with the definition. The board can also become interactive by having students add post-its around the definition with their own examples of the term in use (in movies, music, novels, comics, commercials, songs, etc.). If you want them to actually participate, make it an activity in class, or use it as a way to provide extra credit.

Show your students how strange and crazy the English language can be by decorating your bulletin board with funny posters that allow students to consider the illogical or surprising nature of the English language. Your students will definitely take notice of the display, and you may even get a few laughs!

Ms. Marano, a Kindergarten teacher from Ontario Canada, and her students created this bulletin board that she proudly displays in the school hallway. It ties into their current lesson about rainbows. The students tie dyed the rainbows with markers and then added happy faces!

Lauren, a self-described, high school counseling hype girl, created this mindfulness interactive board to promote mental health, self-care, and stress management at school. This board is created for middle school and high school students. It includes 8 mindfulness ideas that students can take to class with them. You can find it here.

Stephanie, from a Touch of Class Teaching, encourages teachers to use students faces in bulletin boards. When you include students in your design it helps them to feel included in your classroom. These adorable design features the students as cute little cookies!

So now you have 23 new bulletin board ideas to try in your classroom this year. Big thanks to the creative teachers that contributed to this post! Hope this post inspired you to create something new. Feel free to save your favorite ideas to your Pinterest boards just click on the picture and then on the P at the top of the picture.

Bulletin boards promote a positive and inviting atmosphere in school hallways and classrooms. They are also beneficial for displaying students' amazing work, and they add great interest for school visitors. Bulletin boards require time and effort to create. Therefore, we are providing 38 ideas that will help save time and provide inspiration for your next bulletin board creation.

Use this bulletin board in your classroom or school hallway, so students can take what they need. Each envelope is filled with various encouraging quotes that represent the word listed on the outside of the envelope.

Use a Polaroid camera or choose to print the pictures to hang on the Look Who Got Caught Reading bulletin board display. This board will encourage students to read, so they can have their pictures added to the gallery.

Elementary school students will love this board that is created to showcase their work. This is a terrific bulletin board for the school hallway because it allows visitors to see what the students have been achieving in the classroom.

Keep track of student successes with a bulletin board that recognizes the top five school readers and the top three classes. You can also use an extra board to display the total number of words read. This is a great way to motivate students to read more!

Bulletin boards are great for displaying featured student projects such as silhouette autobiographies. Make silhouettes for your students and then have them write their very own autobiographies. Parents love these!

Get in touch with your crafty side by creating fancy bulletin board borders! This adorable border is made with tissue paper which is inexpensive and easy to work with. Your bulletin boards will look amazing when you add this special border.

This school bulletin board is terrific for welcoming students to the building. It reminds them that they are all special members in a loving, family-inspired environment. Parents will also love seeing this as they enter the school building.

This bulletin board will be sure to get the kids' attention, especially the sports fans. Talk about bulletin board action! Use this creative idea in the school hallway or in the classroom to motivate students.

What a wonderful way to teach individual responsibility! This bulletin board teaches students that they are responsible for their own choices, grades, success, words, and actions. This is a great display for the school hallway!

Celebrate student birthdays in your classroom with this Fishing You a Happy Birthday bulletin board. This board is easy and inexpensive to make, and your students will love having their birthdays displayed for others to see.

This bulletin board is created by the students. Give them strips of colored paper and allow them to define themselves. This is an engaging activity that is great to complete at the beginning of the school year.

A lighthouse with boats steering toward it makes this a terrific bulletin board for the first day of school. You can even place the students' names on the boats and the teacher's name on the lighthouse.

This educational bulletin board is a wonderful way to spotlight a particular person or topic the class is focusing on at the time. This board can be left up for the entire school year, and the topic can be changed as needed.

Use this brightly colored bulletin board creation in the hallway to showcase student work samples. This will allow others to see the great things your students are accomplishing in class. Keep this board up all school year and simply change out the student work samples.

Provide your students with a safe place to express their feelings with this unique bulletin board idea. Students should be encouraged to grab a sticky note, write their name on the back of it, and put it beside the statement that best matches how they are feeling for the day.

Use bulletin boards in your classroom to promote kind actions. This bulletin board sends a powerful message by encouraging students to take the time to think of the feelings of others before doing something that might hurt them.

This is a terrific bulletin board idea for high school hallways. It serves as a reminder of the activities, goals, and actions that should be accomplished during ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades leading to the end goal of graduation.

This is a fantastic bulletin board for middle schoolers. Students must respond to three questions about themselves on sticky notes. Then, the answers are mixed up, and the other students must place the answers in the correct boxes. This is a terrific activity for students to see how much they truly know one another.

Teach your students to create goals, so they have something to aspire to achieve. Students must trace their hands and their arms up to their elbows on construction paper. They will write a personal goal for the year on their hand and arm cut-out. Use these to make your goal-inspired bulletin board.

Bulletin boards offer a great variety of purposes to the school and classroom environment. They are inspiring, welcoming, and teaching to those who view them. Although they take a little time to create, it is worth the impact they have on students. Use the 38 creative bulletin board ideas shared above to assist you as you create your next amazing bulletin board.

Coming up with creative bulletin board ideas for middle schoolers and creating an exciting learning space is the first step in building a positive learning environment. A bare and boring classroom is hardly inspiring, and getting your décor right makes a massive difference.

Bulletin boards are essential in any school setting, whether displaying the periodic table, a classroom calendar, or welcoming students back to school. But, while they do wonders to spruce up dull and bare walls, bulletin boards are more than a colorful wall decoration. Instead, they are a tool that can help bring your curriculum or theme to life. At the end of the day, the curriculum is just a vehicle with which you teach valuable skills. So you want to make that content as engaging as possible to achieve your outcome.

A bulletin board can convey information to students, reinforce lessons, display student work, and more. However, making the perfect bulletin board for middle school students can be challenging. You must find a balance between something that is visually appealing and engaging but also enhances curriculum material.

No matter how awe-inspiring your bulletin boards are, they will eventually lose their novelty. However, suppose you keep it updated and spruce it up sporadically. In that case, your students will begin to look forward to whatever surprise is in store for them.


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