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"Worst Roommate Ever" Roommate Wanted - Part 1(...

"Worst Roommate Ever" Roommate Wanted - Part 1(...

The two-part finale of Worst Roommate Ever, "Roommate Wanted," takes up the subject of the original article: Jamison Bachman. Bachman was a serial squatter who terrorized dozens of roommates across multiple decades. He used his law degree and charming demeanor to insert himself into people's lives, quickly gaining their trust, only to eventually reveal his darker side. Bachman took advantage of certain tenancy laws in order to avoid eviction from these properties. However, he eventually met with a tragic end, as Bachman hanged himself in jail after murdering his own brother.

As the situation with Jamison Bachman was now completely unlivable, Alex Miller began to interview new roommates and planned a party to kick Bachman out once and for all (via Metro). She intended to humiliate him by holding a loud party with Jameson whisky while he was doing online tutoring to make it clear that the gathering was to get rid of a serial squatter. Miller happened to know that Bachman hated rap music, so she blasted some as loud as possible and plastered the apartment walls with pictures of Bachman's past victims. 59ce067264


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