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Crude Play Sotsugyou Mp3 Download

Crude Play Sotsugyou Mp3 Download

Crude Play is a fictional band from the Japanese manga and live-action movie "The Liar and His Lover". The band consists of four members: Aki (vocal and guitar), Shun (guitar), Kaoru (bass), and Shinya (drums). They are known for their catchy and emotional songs, which are actually composed by Aki's former music teacher and producer, Takagi Soichiro.


One of their most popular songs is "Sotsugyou", which means "Graduation" in English. The song is about the feelings of nostalgia and sadness that come with leaving behind one's youth and moving on to a new stage in life. The song was first performed by Crude Play in the movie, when they reunited with Aki after he left the band to pursue his love for Riko, a high school girl who has a beautiful voice and a passion for music. The song was also sung by Riko and Aki as a duet in the movie's ending scene.

If you are a fan of Crude Play and want to listen to their song "Sotsugyou", you can download the mp3 file from various online sources. However, before you do that, you should be aware of the following points:

  • Downloading mp3 files from unauthorized websites may be illegal and may expose your device to viruses or malware. You should always use trusted and legal sources to download music.

  • Downloading mp3 files may reduce the quality of the sound and may not capture the full essence of the song. You may miss out on some of the nuances and details that make the song unique and special.

  • Downloading mp3 files may not support the original artists and creators of the song. You may deprive them of their rightful income and recognition for their hard work and talent.

Therefore, instead of downloading mp3 files, you may want to consider other alternatives to enjoy Crude Play's song "Sotsugyou". For example, you can:

  • Watch the movie "The Liar and His Lover" on streaming platforms or DVD. You can see and hear Crude Play perform the song live in the movie, as well as Riko and Aki's duet version. You can also appreciate the story and the characters that inspired the song.

  • Buy or stream the official soundtrack album of the movie, which includes "Sotsugyou" and other songs by Crude Play and Riko. You can listen to the high-quality and original versions of the songs, as well as support the artists and producers behind them.

  • Search for live performances or covers of "Sotsugyou" by Crude Play or other artists on YouTube or other platforms. You can discover different interpretations and renditions of the song, as well as share your opinions and feedback with other fans.

In conclusion, Crude Play's song "Sotsugyou" is a beautiful and touching song that expresses the feelings of graduation and farewell. However, downloading mp3 files may not be the best way to enjoy it. You may want to explore other options that can enhance your listening experience and show your appreciation for the song and its creators.


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