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CarX Highway Racing APK 1.74.6: What's New and How to Play

Compete for the win on speed highways with realistic full-car physics for the first time on mobile!Highway Racing is a first mobile racing simulator, with fully simulated engines, powertrains, suspensions and aerodynamics. Face dozens of rivals, evade a relentless police and explore various highways across country.

CarX Highway Racing is one of the few racing games based on a realistic physical model that provides an unprecedented driving experience. Take on numerous rivals, run away from relentless police and discover an unlimited number of new highways. CarX Highway Racing Mod APK combines genuine physics, which was at the heart of CarX Drift Racing 2, with eye-catching visuals and intense driving on congested roads.

carx highway racing apk 1.74.6

CarX Highway Racing uses the next generation graphics engine with polished image quality and refined effects to give players the most impressive experience. Above all, the game uses highway racing, a dangerous concept in which players have to compete in environments with high traffic density but no speed limit. In addition to those factors, the game also applies many concepts to diversify gameplay and player experience over time. You will immerse yourself in a world full of adrenaline, sports cars and fast highways!


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