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No Room For Small Dreams: Courage, Imagination, And The Making Of Modern Israel Mobi Download Book ^HOT^

No Room For Small Dreams: Courage, Imagination, And The Making Of Modern Israel Mobi Download Book

No Room For Small Dreams: Courage, Imagination, And The Making Of Modern Israel Mobi Download Book ^HOT^

No Room For Small Dreams: A Review of Shimon Peres's Memoir

Shimon Peres was one of the most influential and visionary leaders of Israel and the world. He was a founder of the modern state of Israel, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and a champion of innovation and peace. In his final work, No Room For Small Dreams: Courage, Imagination, And The Making Of Modern Israel, he shares his personal story and his insights on the crucial moments in Israel's history and the future of the Middle East.

Peres was born in 1923 in a small village in Poland, where he was raised by his devout grandfather, a rabbi who taught him the values and vision of Judaism. He immigrated to Palestine with his family in 1934, escaping the horrors of the Holocaust that would later claim the lives of most of his relatives. He joined the Zionist movement as a teenager and became a disciple of David Ben-Gurion, Israel's first prime minister and his mentor and friend. He played a key role in the establishment of the Israel Defense Forces, the defense industry, and the nuclear program. He also helped launch Israel's high-tech revolution, transforming it into a "start-up nation" that leads the world in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Peres served as prime minister, president, foreign minister, and several other ministries during his long and distinguished career. He was involved in some of the most daring and decisive military operations in history, such as the 1976 Entebbe raid that rescued Israeli hostages from Uganda. He was also instrumental in advancing the peace process with Israel's Arab neighbors, signing historic agreements with Egypt, Jordan, and the Palestinians. He never gave up on his vision of a peaceful and prosperous Middle East, even in the face of violence and rejection.

In No Room For Small Dreams, Peres reflects on his life and legacy with candor and humility. He reveals what motivated him to pursue his dreams, how he made hard choices in times of crisis and uncertainty, how he balanced principles with policies, and how he unleashed his imagination and creativity to overcome challenges and seize opportunities. He also offers his wisdom and advice for younger generations who seek to lead in politics, business, or any other field that requires courage and imagination.

No Room For Small Dreams is more than just an autobiography. It is a testament to Peres's remarkable spirit and vision, a tribute to his beloved country and people, and a source of inspiration for anyone who wants to make a positive difference in the world. It is a book that deserves to be read by anyone who cares about Israel's past, present, and future.

The book is divided into six chapters, each focusing on a different period and theme in Peres's life and career. The first chapter, "The Call of Israel," covers his childhood in Poland and Palestine, his early involvement in the Zionist movement and the Haganah, and his close relationship with Ben-Gurion. The second chapter, "The Strength of Israel," recounts his efforts to build Israel's military and economic capabilities, especially its defense industry, its nuclear program, and its aviation sector. The third chapter, "The Quest for Peace," describes his role in the peace negotiations with Egypt, Jordan, and the Palestinians, as well as his vision for a "New Middle East" based on cooperation and development. The fourth chapter, "The Power of Knowledge," explores his passion for innovation and education, and his initiatives to promote Israel's high-tech sector and scientific research. The fifth chapter, "The Spirit of Israel," reflects on his personal values and beliefs, his Jewish identity and heritage, and his views on democracy and human rights. The sixth chapter, "The Future of Israel," offers his insights on the challenges and opportunities facing Israel and the region in the 21st century, as well as his hopes for


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