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Netflix Culture Deck 2020 Pdf

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Moreover, DR has been progressing towards a more curated approach to the scheduling of the documentaries on the VoD platforms. The Danish broadcasting authority signed a new agreement with DR on 19 April 2020 (see EJM, 2020) whereby DR makes available the cinema movies that it acquires in its partnership with the film distributor Movietime for commercial distribution on the platforms of DR's VoD services. This development contributed to a higher volume of documentaries distributed on DR's VoD services. In this way, the VoD services' front page showcased the increase of the genre's presence.

TV 2 Play and DRTV feature a total of nine documentary carousels and a total of nine decks devoted to the genre, as can be seen from the following screenshots. One of the programmes featured in a deck on TV 2 Play is Ikke godt kvinnen, the Danish version of the international documentary Bad Girls. With 6,5 million views on TV 2 Play, this English-language documentary from the US network WGBH is also considered one of the most viewed documentaries on the portal.

Documents are included in, among other genres, short films, regional series, investigative journalism, wildlife documentaries, children's programmes, socio-political programmes, and lifestyle programmes. The latter covers all types of documentary that focus on subjects such as travel, arts, and people. Furthermore, documentaries can be grouped thematically: global change, European politics, history, people, pop culture, and sports. This last group is the one that most frequently features in the cards of the other two services, for instance, on the service on TV 2. Between a third and a half of the documentaries on the cards of DR2 and DRTV are documentaries focused on sports (see also Hollander & Abrahams, 2020).

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