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Reaching You by Alyloony: The Story Behind the Bestselling Online Novel

Reaching You by Alyloony: A Review of the Bestselling Filipino Romance Novel

If you are a fan of Filipino romance novels, you might have heard of Reaching You by Alyloony. This novel, which was first published online in 2011, has gained a huge following and has been adapted into a mass market paperback in 2015. Reaching You tells the story of Amber Lopez, a girl who falls in love with Ren Salvador, the best friend of her ex-boyfriend Jiro. However, Ren is still hung up on his past love Arcie, who is now dating Jiro. Amber has to face the challenge of competing with Ren's past love and overcoming her own insecurities. In this article, we will review Reaching You by Alyloony and explore why it is such a popular Filipino romance novel. We will also give you some tips on how to download Reaching You ebook for free.

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What is Reaching You about?

Reaching You is a novel that explores the themes of love, friendship, moving on, and self-worth. It follows the journey of Amber Lopez, who has been unlucky in love ever since she was young. She has always been rejected by the boys she liked and has been cheated on by her ex-boyfriend Jiro. She decides to move back to London after breaking up with Jiro and tries to forget her past. However, fate has other plans for her when she meets Ren Salvador, Jiro's best friend who also lives in London. Ren is a handsome and charming guy who works as a photographer. He is also a musician who plays the guitar and sings. Amber feels an instant attraction to him and they become friends. However, Amber soon realizes that Ren is still in love with his ex-girlfriend Arcie, who broke his heart when she left him for Jiro. Arcie is now Jiro's girlfriend and they are living happily together in Manila. Amber tries to hide her feelings for Ren and supports him as a friend. She hopes that one day he will notice her and see her as more than a friend. She also hopes that he will move on from Arcie and find happiness with her.

The main characters and their love triangle

The main characters of Reaching You are Amber Lopez, Ren Salvador, and Arcie Montenegro. They are involved in a complicated love triangle that spans across two countries and several years.

  • Amber Lopez is the protagonist of the novel. She is a 21-year-old Filipina who works as a waitress in London. She is also studying fashion design at a university. She is a kind-hearted, cheerful, and optimistic girl who loves to read books and watch Asian dramas. She has a low self-esteem due to her past experiences with love. She thinks that she is not good enough for anyone and that she will always be second best. She falls in love with Ren Salvador but she does not have the courage to confess her feelings to him.

  • Ren Salvador is the male lead of the novel. He is a 22-year-old Filipino who works as a photographer in London. He is also a musician who plays the guitar and sings. He is handsome, charming, talented, and rich. He comes from a wealthy family who owns several businesses in the Philippines. He is a kind, caring, and loyal friend who always helps Amber whenever she needs him. He is still in love with his ex-girlfriend Arcie Montenegro, who broke his heart when she left him for his best friend Jiro. He is unable to move on from her and he still hopes that she will come back to him.

  • Arcie Montenegro is the antagonist of the novel. She is a 21-year-old Filipina who works as a model in Manila. She is beautiful, smart, and ambitious. She comes from a poor family who lives in the slums. She dreams of becoming rich and famous. She used to date Ren Salvador when they were in high school. She loved him but she also wanted to have a better life. She left him for his best friend Jiro, who offered her a modeling contract and a luxurious lifestyle. She is now Jiro's girlfriend and they are living happily together in Manila. She does not care about Ren's feelings and she thinks that he is still hers.

The plot and the twists

The plot of Reaching You is full of twists and turns that keep the readers hooked and engaged. The novel starts with Amber breaking up with Jiro after finding out that he cheated on her with Arcie. She decides to move back to London where she used to live with her parents before they died in a car accident. She hopes to start a new life and forget her past. However, she meets Ren Salvador, Jiro's best friend who also lives in London. They become friends and spend a lot of time together. Amber develops feelings for Ren but she does not tell him because she knows that he is still in love with Arcie.

Meanwhile, Ren is still heartbroken over Arcie's betrayal. He still loves her and he still hopes that she will come back to him. He does not notice Amber's feelings for him and he treats her as a friend. He often confides in her about his problems and he often asks for her advice. He also sings songs for her that express his longing for Arcie.

One day, Ren receives a call from Jiro, who tells him that he and Arcie are getting married soon. He invites him to their wedding in Manila and asks him to be his best man. Ren is shocked and hurt by the news but he agrees to go to the wedding. He decides to bring Amber with him as his date to make Arcie jealous.

Amber is surprised and happy when Ren asks her to go with him to the wedding. She thinks that this is her chance to make Ren fall in love with her. She agrees to go with him and she prepares herself for the trip.

However, things do not go as planned when they arrive in Manila. Arcie sees them together and she becomes jealous of Amber. She tries to sabotage their relationship and make them fight. She also tries to seduce Ren and make him cheat on Amber.

Amber sees Arcie's schemes and she becomes insecure and angry. She confronts Arcie and tells her to leave Ren alone. She also confesses her feelings to Ren and tells him that she loves him.

Ren is shocked and confused by Amber's confession. He does not know what to do or what to say. He realizes that he cares for Amber but he does not know if he loves her or not. He also feels guilty for hurting her and for using her as a pawn.

The novel ends with a dramatic climax at the wedding ceremony. Arcie reveals that she is pregnant with Jiro's child and that she only married him for his money. She also tells Ren that she never loved him and that she only used him as a stepping stone. She mocks him for being a fool and for wasting his time on her.

Ren is devastated by Arcie's words and he feels betrayed by both of his friends. He realizes that he has been living in a lie and that he has wasted his life on someone who did not deserve him.

He also realizes that he loves Amber and that she is the only one who truly cared for him and understood him. He runs after Amber, who has left the wedding in tears.

He finds her at the airport, where she is about to board a plane back to London. He stops her and apologizes to her for everything that he has done wrong. He tells her that he loves her and that he wants to be with her.

Amber is surprised and happy by Ren's words but she does not believe him at first. She thinks that he is only saying those things because he is hurt by Arcie's betrayal.

Ren proves his sincerity by kissing her passionately in front of everyone at the airport. He tells her that he has never felt this way before and that 71b2f0854b


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