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Cisco Usb Console Driver 64 Bit ((HOT))

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Cisco Usb Console Driver 64 Bit ((HOT))

I just purchased a USB to Mini-USB console cable to use with the 2960s switches we just bought. I download the current() driver Ver. 3.1 loaded it on my Win 7 64-bit laptop. It installs ok but when I try to use it with Putty, Putty comes back saying it can't access the port. I noticed the driver says it's for Win XP and Win Vista. Is there a newer driver for Win 7 Any other ideas

The USB driver required will depend on the UART designed into the product.For the Catalyst Micro Switch CMICR (which uses the USB Type B micro connector for console), this driver for Win 10 can be obtained from Silicon Labs: -to-uart-bridge-vcp-driverstab=downloads(CP210x Windows Drivers with Serial Enumerator)After installing the driver, connect the USB cable to the switch and laptop.The Win Device Manager will show:

12. Finally, You will see "USB Serial Port "change to "Cisco Serial (x)". Check that the driver proider is Cisco and NOT Cypress. Also, check the Cisco Serial (COMx) port settings. Try Connect to Com port X. it should work, now.

I just downloaded this universal driver from the chip's manufacturer and it works right out of the box on Windows 10. Maybe it wont work on other devices that have different chips, but hey, i think it is worth a try.

My cisco driver com3 port stopped working on windows 10, so I uninstalled the cisco driver. After I rebooted, and reconnected the usb console cable, the native windows usb-serial driver loaded, and a new com3 port appeared. That port works just fine with securecrt with standard 9600 baud settings, so I guess we don't need the cisco driver. fwiw.

To download the driver you will need a CISCO account login... update your account with your address... accept user agreement... apologies to coworkers for numerous expletives lodged during ridicules endeavor.

If you own an older laptop and there is no USB port, you might want to install the Cisco USB console driver. This software is free to download and install, and you can get it by clicking on the free download link. This way, you can download the driver without having to pay or wade through a bunch of spammy offers. After downloading the software, reboot your computer to apply the changes. Now, your laptop should be able to use the console.

The Cisco USB console driver is required for a computer to connect to a Cisco router. The driver is available for download on the Cisco Download Software website. If you have a console cable, you need to install the driver for it. It is a software component and is not tied to any particular console cable manufacturer. After you download the driver, you need to install it on your PC to use it. You can download it from the Cisco website in two ways: through the Cisco router itself, or by visiting its dedicated website.

To install the driver, you should install it as an administrator. The driver files are the same as those for version However, if you have problems with the driver, you can download the updated version and try it out. It is highly recommended to install the upgraded version if you are not yet using this version. Also, it may not start the data communication process if you remove the USB device while it is transmitting data.

You can get this driver from the Cisco website or install it manually on another PC. Then, simply connect the USB console port to your PC and follow the installation instructions. You may need to change the COM port if your PC is using a different one.

To install this driver, go to the Cisco website and download the file. Make sure to have a USB-A to Mini-B cable. Also, you need a fat16 drive. You may also need to modify your terminal emulator software to recognize the file.

After downloading the driver, make sure that you agree to the license agreement before you proceed to install the driver. The downloaded file is in zip format. Open the file and double-click the setup option.

To connect to the Cisco switch via a serial cable


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