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Bernetta Gatley

Plants Vs Zombies Crack Only

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Plants Vs Zombies Crack Only

the only weapon in this class, and the only weapon in this game, is the pumpket. the pumpket is a single shot weapon that can be upgraded for several powerups, can be thrown, and can have a charge on a single use. there is a charged shot that can cause a huge explosion on zombies that arent next to a wall.

cattails can be thrown like a harpoon at zombies, and will destroy any zombies it comes in contact with, or if they got hit by another zombies attack. cattails will instantly kill zombies in contact with them; after that, they will explode and cause damage. cattails can be used to deliver a rocket or watermelon to a zombie and drop the rocket/watermelon on him.

cattails work best when thrown from walls or spiked plants. they can also be thrown from plants that have been upgraded with a hammersplat, and will deal more damage to the target then the hammersplat itself.

after locking down, you will be taken to an "add-on store" screen showing you all the content that has been downloaded. from here, you can unlock content through in-game currency (gems), which you will receive after completing the game. you can use these gems to unlock characters, plants, and costumes.

sugar rush is the name of the dumpster that you can find at the end of the level for the third time. you can still get all the stars and it unlocks a trophy but, since the level is actually not that hard, you can just skip it on your way to the trophy.

the flink kicks up air and will constantly move towards its designated target until it hits that target. if the flink is not at max distance, it will push the character across the floor. if the character is standing on a solid surface, the flink will simply run right across the surface and push the player. 3d9ccd7d82


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