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Constantin Cucos Pedagogie.pdf

Constantin Cucos Pedagogie.pdf - A Review of the Book by the Romanian Professor of Education

Constantin Cucos is a Romanian professor of education, psychology and philosophy, who has written several books and articles on pedagogy, educational theory and practice, curriculum design, teaching methods, evaluation, lifelong learning, intercultural education and more. One of his most influential and comprehensive works is Pedagogie (Pedagogy), published by Polirom in 1996 and revised in 2006 and 2014. The book is available online as a PDF file , and it is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the field of education.

Pedagogie is divided into four parts: Pedagogy - Science of Education, Education and Contemporaneity, General Theory of the Teaching Process, and Evaluation of School Performance. Each part covers a range of topics, concepts, principles, methods, models and perspectives related to education, with references to both classical and modern authors, as well as examples from the Romanian and international context. The book is written in a clear and accessible style, with definitions, explanations, comparisons, classifications, tables, diagrams and summaries that facilitate understanding and learning. The book also includes questions and exercises for self-assessment and reflection at the end of each chapter.


Some of the main themes and ideas discussed in Pedagogie are:

  • The nature, scope and challenges of pedagogy as a science of education, as well as its relation to other disciplines such as psychology, sociology, philosophy, history and anthropology.

  • The definition, functions, types and dimensions of education in the contemporary world, as well as the factors that influence it, such as culture, society, economy, politics, technology and globalization.

  • The aims, objectives and values of education, as well as the criteria and methods for their formulation and operationalization.

  • The content of education, its sources, selection, organization and structuring, with an emphasis on the interdisciplinarity and modularity of curricula.

  • The methodology and technology of instruction, the system of teaching methods, their classification, characteristics and application in different contexts and situations.

  • The means of instruction, their typology, functions and criteria for their selection and use.

  • The forms of organization of instruction, such as frontal teaching, group work, individual work, project-based learning etc.

  • The design of instructional activities, based on principles such as coherence, continuity, flexibility etc.

  • The evaluation of school performance, its importance and functions (diagnostic, formative etc.), its types (formal vs informal etc.), its instruments (tests etc.) and its criteria (validity etc.).

Pedagogie is a book that offers a comprehensive overview of the theory and practice of education in the modern world. It is a useful guide for students, teachers, researchers and practitioners who want to deepen their knowledge and skills in this field. It is also a book that stimulates critical thinking and reflection on the role and purpose of education in society. As Adrian Neculau writes in the preface: "The book by Constantin Cucos is not only an invitation to learn pedagogy; it is also an invitation to think pedagogy" .


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