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Sweden-based Coloreel expanded its European distribution network by partnering with Pals Print & Screen, a Netherlands and Belgium distributor of embroidery machines, digital printers and now Coloreel units.

Hirsch Solutions, Huntersville, N.C., has released a new Tajima singlehead embroidery machine product guide that contains information on five industrial singlehead machiine series and their key advantages.

Lawson Screen & Digital Products, St. Louis, is introducing a complete line of embroidery supplies to its screen and direct-to-garment printing lineup via a partnership with Robison-Anton Embroidery Thread.

The Home Appliance Division of Brother Intl. Corp., Bridgewater, N.J., showcased its newest sewing, embroidery, quilting and crafting machines at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held earlier this month in Las Vegas.

BITO, Deer Park, N.Y., the exclusive North American distributor of Proel TSI embroidery and standalone laser equipment, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year with savings on embroidery digitizing software packages.

Impressions is your go-to resource for embroidery business news and trends. As part of our detailed coverage of the decorated apparel industry, we provide information on the latest news in embroidery, digitizing, appliqué, 3-D embroidery, as well as embroidery on caps, fleece, jackets and more. Providing a forum for commercial embroidery equipment manufacturers, suppliers, industry experts and business owners to share their news and insights, we offer a comprehensive look at the latest embroidery trends & industry happenings, making our content a must-read for any commercial embroidery or digitizing business.

Manufacturers and suppliers regularly submit embroidery news and information on the latest trends and innovations to Impressions, which runs on our site and in each issue of the print magazine. Embroidery experts and commercial business owners also regularly share news regarding their businesses to keep industry peers informed.

This information is imperative for embroiderers, helping to sustain and grow their embroidery businesses. With this in mind, we share embroidery news, trends and industry updates in a straightforward, concise format, making it easy for commercial embroiders to stay up to date.

EFF successfully blocked a brazen attempt to unmask the identities of anonymous members of an online discussion group for embroidery fans. The online group was created to share information about a long-running campaign to threaten purchasers of embroidery designs and software with copyright infringement lawsuits. The Embroidery Software Protection Coalition (ESPC), a purported coalition of embroidery pattern design companies, is behind the heavy-handed campaign. ESPC filed defamation claims against some members of the group and then issued a subpoena for detailed personal information about every single person who joined the discussion group--whether or not they had ever posted a single message.

The DVD Copy Control Association (DVD-CCA), a mouthpiece of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), sued dozens of people in venues across the country and around the world for publishing DeCSS, software code that decrypts the data on commercial DVDs. EFF represented Andrew Bunner and Mathew Pavlovich to defend First Amendment rights in technically oriented speech, to fight the misuse of trade secret law, and to clarify the rules on jurisdiction. In the Bunner case, a California appeals court agreed with EFF and overturned as unconstitutional a 1999 trade secret injunction prohibiting Bunner from publishing the code. In the Pavlovich case, the California Supreme Court also found for the defendant, ruling that Texas resident Pavlovich could not be forced to stand trial in California.

HRH Princess Alexandra visited the Sunbury Millennium Embroidery project and met some of the volunteers who have led and guided this outstanding community initiative since its inception. Her Royal Highness viewed the finished embroidery, which was executed by over 150 embroiderers, as she toured the award-winning Gallery in which it is housed. With the support of a committed team of over 45 volunteers, the building receives 45,000 visitors annually. 153554b96e


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