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Empia Video Capture For Mac

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Empia Video Capture For Mac

Intel Macs running Snow Leopard or later do have native support for this chip. I am currently using VLC 2.2.2, with video display disabled and it is very slow to play anything (only plays at ~5fps), but whatever I dump to that drive does not show up in the file management system, which is strange.

I'm having trouble running this on my iMac G5. I'm on 10.7.3 and the default player is not working, but vlc works pretty well except i can't even get it to open the capture device. The error message is, "Can't open capture device '/dev/com0/#': No such file or directory" VLC also has the same problem.

I've taken your advice on the capture card problem and tested it on my Mac mini, and the capture card sees the camera. I have the Dazzle DVC using the video-over-usb-cable connection in the mini. I have tried several different USB-to-parallel cable adapters and a mini->usb hub and none of those work on the mini. Any ideas?

If I don't turn the camera on, the audio is muted. When I do turn on the camera the next day, the audio is turned off. I set it to always on in the settings. I don't know if there's anything other than the video capture menu that can disable or mute the audio. d2c66b5586

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